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Knowing what creative message works in particular media environments can save your time and money both. More importantly, knowing what type of creative format an online ad network can support allows us to often create ground breaking creative solutions that grab the attention of our audience and get results. Launching a comprehensive online banner advertising campaign, knowing the profits and limitations of a selected distribution system is integral to the creative development process and consumer experiences of your messaging. We consider these issues and make clear approvals based on campaign size, objectives and budget.

Short for Pay Per Click, PPC is an online advertising strategy in which the advertiser pays a pre-set amount of money each time his advertisement is clicked by the consumer. Compared to other methods of online marketing, PPC is more targeted advertisement and offers good result in lesser time.

For those looking for fast results on a small budget, a pay-per-click campaign may be the right answer. Now pay per click advertising method is very popular and the smartest way to reach to the customers. The best chunk is you have to pay only for the clicks you are going to receive! Moreover, 54 % of visitors have now commonly recognized the characteristic on Google. Pay-per-click campaign can produce long term results more rapidly.

The main advantage to choose Donmind Pay per Click advertising method, would help you in the following ways.

Certain merits of digital marketing are:

  • To tender on keywords.
  • To set up cost per acquisition in order based on the type of product.
  • To estimate conversion and other keyword performance.
  • Bring money-making traffic to the website.
  • Index and cut rate scheme sign ups.
  • To estimate the campaign.
  • Programmed optimization of your business

Donmind perform

  • Keyword research on the entire product range on a group of more than 3,500 keywords.
  • Tracking in Google Ad words.
  • Goals in Google Analytics.
  • Maximum exploitation of the campaigns.

Donmind conduct PPC on the most popular platforms including Google Ad words, MSN, Yahoo Search Marketing, Miva, Bing, etc. other social network platform include the Twitter , linked in and Face book which are now supporting sponsored lists.

Donmind focus on conversions and create a plan with our Client on their demands from a paid advertising campaign. This could be sales, submissions, contact us or other forms of customer guide.

Donmind conduct a short term campaign, estimate and optimize to create best keyword list with respect of their product range, brand and other features. We limelight the landing pages to make out which versions of web pages convert sales most effectively.


Scope: – PPC assurances an exact ranking in the search engines depending on the bid amount. Given that over 80% of internet users use the search engines to find information, it is relevant that the scope of this advertisement is huge.

Custom Budgeting: - PPC advertisement services are eminent for they give the advertiser the power to customize the budget according to business needs. The daily budget you specify can be increased or decreased depending on the performance of your ad campaign.

Geo Targeting: – With PPC advertisement, you can target your viewers especially in their own localities. This makes way for a more detailed and focussed placement of your advertisement.

Quick Results and Tractability: – PPC management service profits quick results and is short-term in nature compared with other means of online advertisements. These advertisements can be easily tracked and traced. You get detailed report on which keywords are searched or which advertisements are clicked and that if any conversion has been made.

Donmind Methodology:

Donmind PPC services are targeted to realise you good return on investment that can be grasped in the shortest possible time.

These are some tools for your Online Marketing Audit:

  • PPC Account Setup: We set up multiple accounts as required by your business and monitor all account settings. The target is to support you achieve maximum conversion with minimum expenses.
  • Keyword Research: We bid for the keywords which are most relevant to your business. We will find out limited number of keywords with cheaper but long tailed keywords. This decreases the business competition and improves search engine rankings.
  • Creative Development: We create simple but attractive titles and descriptions that generate maximum click thru and conversion rates.
  • Bid Management: We effectively manage bids after conducting a careful research on your business needs and targeted keywords. Donmind PPC bid management may include multi-tasking like bid gap monitoring, bid price trending, bid position maintenance etc. Everything is directed to help you reach higher ROI.
  • Landing Page Detection: We distinguish the best landing pages and if necessary recommends enhancements to fast-track site level conversion.
  • Ad Testing: We every so often perform ad and creative testing with split methods, quadrants methods, etc.
  • Account Reporting: Daily we track campaign track records and keep our Customer updated with campaign progress reports regularly.

Donmind being a renowned pay per click management Services Company, we endeavour to deliver our Client the maximum benefits of PPC outsourcing. When your campaign is managed and maintained by Donmind, it means you save on your time, get complete mental comfort and bring in qualified leads and sales panorama.

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