How to attract the Dermatology Patients You desire

Adopt and follow dermatology practice built on meticulous strategies reflecting your own goals.

There are many reasons to indulge in dermatology marketing and advertising. Dermatologists are getting very busy and want to only deal with a particular kind of patients. Some want to cater only to those patients dealing with instant cash or focus only on a niche practice, such as for Mohs surgery or acne management.

With vast knowledge and exposure, many dermatologists have benefitted from our unique marketing and advertising strategies and remained unaffected by cut-throat competition.

Get the Dermatology cases you want the most

From our experience we have come across many dermatology practitioners who were in dark about the techniques to attract the kind of patients they desired. Some wanted to increase the number of aesthetic cases they attended but had no clue as to what to do. With dexterous planning and ideal promotional tools, any practitioners can very effectively hold sway over their choice of patients. Not only this, they can even maintain them for a particular period as well.

Enhance dermatology practice and multiply fortunes

We believe in a scientific approach and follow the most effective practices. By understanding the need of the dermatology practitioners, we develop a marketing policy that gels well with their objectives. After this we script and execute an effective advertising and marketing campaign, which serves as an antidote to all your ‘skin problems’.

Promotional campaign that separates you from your competitors.

Dermatology is a very challenging business in terms of competition. The competitive nature is as paramount as the several characteristics of your practice. On top of this, patients with skin problems come with certain caveats in terms of sensibilities and sensitivities. We are here to take you to the right patients in a right manner. This can happen only if you stand apart from your competitors and draw patients by offering something unique in terms of services.

Our marketing personnel will observe various facets of your practice, including geography, size, character, method, and many other exclusive facilities and offers in order to craft an effective marketing policy. A good marketing and advertising strategy includes:

  • An optimised website to gauge patients’ response
  • An all-encompassing marketing strategy
  • Online advertising tools like Google AdWords
  • Spreading awareness through Radio, TV and print

Reach out to diverse audience in style

As a dermatologist, you need to cater to various clients and their needs. Apart from the requirements of your diverse patients, you also have to deal with professional referrers — physicians and others — who have a bearing on the number of cases at your disposal. At Donmind, we understand that you need both patients as well as doctors in equal measures. We’ll assist you in the endeavour of reaching out to these varied audiences sincerely, professionally and honestly. Also, we will help you in creating a physician liaison program. With this program, your physician liaison can carry out his tasks efficiently.

It does not matter what you require: attracting conventional dermatologic cases, creating an aesthetic practice, or anything else. We are here to help you out.

We'll also aid you in cracking the insurance conundrum. Lastly, we assure that your hard-earned money would not go down the drain due to poorly conceived marketing plans.

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