Multispecialty Practice

Multispecialty Practice

Effective Marketing for Multispecialty Practices

It does not matter whether you are into multispecialty or single-discipline. Your group practice has to be marketed appropriately to scale the summit.

With vast knowledge and exposure, many dermatologists have benefitted from our unique marketing and advertising strategies and remained unaffected by cut-throat competition.

Like other medical streams, group practices are not devoid of business and clinical problems. A huge staff comprising of doctors, often multiple specialties, and varied demands of patients, these challenges would only multiply. Group medical practices can easily be affected by the shift to value-based care and healthcare’s uncertain future. There are myriad problems.

Create identity, goodwill and faith with effective marketing and advertising tools which are ideal for group multispecialty practices.

Our marketing team with 20 years of experience is effective in tiding over any crises and helps in accomplishing any objectives. We operate meticulously with precise planning and utilise the past data of so as to market in an efficient manner.

Devise a potent liaison program

In majority of cases, we advise augmentation, improvisation or expansion of liaison programs pertaining to group practices. Most have already devised programs as they are aware that practice liaisons are very crucial for building and retaining referral relationships. But how do you judge the potency of these programs? How do you gauge the progress? It is our responsibility to develop and beef up these programs and also seek, select and train practice representatives.

Create a brand that appeals to all

It is pertinent to carve out a unique and effective brand. As an entity, it is your practice that defines you. So, you need to foster a culture of integrity, honesty and professionalism. But keep in mind those things that serve as hurdles. Your practice is embodied by different people in myriad ways, thereby bestowing your practice with diverse brands. This might lead to having no brand value at all.

This is quite common. So it’s vital to have a good brand value which generates interest, build trust, goodwill and value that strikes a chord with target audience.

Extensive medical marketing programs could easily entice patients

Some of the best marketing tools for multispecialty practice to lure patients are:

  • Extensive online promotion – Websites, SEO techniques, Google ad words, brand management, web video, social media tools and much more
  • Awareness – Print media, Electronic media (TV, radio), billboard, effective media planning
  • Marketing strategies – Pamphlet, practice-specific marketing tools, etc.

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