Adopt OB/GYN Marketing tools to get the patients and cases you desire  With efficient and trustworthy OB/GYN marketing methods get what you want

At many places, Women’s Health providers are going through a tough time. Competition is going through the roof due to consolidation and practice mergers. To add to the woes there is the issue of flattening reimbursement and decreasing footfalls. Patient visits and procedures are on a downward spiral as it is the era of higher deductibles. So, many want to maximise the use of cash-pay services. Some are exiting the obstetric care scene due to the cost involved in malpractice insurance hitting the roof. On top of all these, majority of OB/GYN practitioner’s feel that their marketing efforts are not bearing fruits.

Enhance your practice via proven, strategic OB/GYN marketing and advertising.

At Donmind, we’ve observed for years that many obstetricians and gynaecologists are game for certain changes in their practices. If your OB/GYN practice wants to swell the number of patients, dangle the insurance carrot to patients, firm up ties with referrer, change its case mix or score any specific goal, our strategic consultants and marketing personnel can turn these dreams or desires into reality.

Basically, we start with a complete review and analysis of your practice to seek objectives, problems, strengths, new vistas and other stuffs involved in your professional arena. Then, we collaborate with you to thrash out a strategic OB/GYN marketing and advertising plan that helps you accomplish your mission. With this modus operandi, which involves tracking marketing results and following the data, we can truly empower you to clearly communicate with your audience. Tools employed are:

  • Online marketing and advertising
  • Print platform – Pamphlet, info on uncommon topics, fact sheets, flyers, doc bio sheets, etc.
  • Awareness via ad – Magazines, newspapers and other publications
  • Radio ads
  • TV adverts
  • PR efforts
  • Training of physician liaison
  • Marketing training for employees

It is important to build your brand and reputation in a way that they evoke trust among patient and inspire professional referrals. While working closely with obstetrician-gynaecologist practitioners, we’ve observed that it is quite significant to reach out to women at the workplace, to create awareness via direct marketing and to make your presence felt in the medical fraternity via practice representatives.

We have a customer-oriented and an efficient promotional strategy which helps you pocket more doctor referrals, shift to other streams, deal with challenges at marketplace, stand out from your competitors or attract patients in droves. We have a solution for every problem.

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