Why only big cancer centres are able to attract attention? Simple it is marketing.

Be heard in a crowded market space not by shouting loudly but with an effective brand and cancer-care message. To put it succinctly, oncology care and haematology services would work with inventive and proactive marketing campaign. We are currently working with several cancer centres and oncology/haematology providers and the experience tells us that marketing strategies which work for oncology also work for cancer care: exposure, knowledge and a scientific approach.

As the big-ticket ones are marketing more aggressively with resounding success, oncologists and other practices have also warmed upto similar strategies. However, the lack of experience is hampering them. Some of the effective strategies are:

  • Website promotion – response-oriented and search-optimized
  • Detailed brochure
  • Utilizing PPC (pay-per-click) tools effectively like Google Adwords
  • Advertising via radio
  • TV ad
  • Advertising on print

Ethical oncology marketing with experience: Heady marketing & avertising cocktail. Having acquired 20 years of experience, our marketing professionals are well aware of the conventional and unconventional challenges of a cancer centre. We’ve also made mistakes and learnt from our past experiences. And now fully understand what works and what does not in oncology marketing. Main one is: ethics are essential in marketing. This is also our guiding principle. So, we are advising oncologists and cancer centres to strengthen their reputation by developing an affinity towards patients and not to treat them as cows to be milked dry.

Proven oncology marketing plans ideal for your needs.

By adopting a scientific method, we try to understand everything about oncology practice, its market, problems and goals. Then we incorporate this with our experience acquired over the years to craft in detail oncology marketing strategies and execute certain policies, and measures designed specifically for your objectives. After this, we sift through the data.

We also keep a track on the outcome of our clients’ oncology marketing and advertising as it is vital. That is how we identify what works and what doesn’t. It helps us to create certain plans to lure more patients, different or specific.

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