Orthopaedic Surgery

Orthopaedic Surgery

Marketing and Advertising tools to nurture Your Orthopaedic business

Orthopaedic surgery is one of the most challenging specialties in the healthcare domain. Like any other medical practices, Ortho needs an effective and long-term marketing strategy to survive the competition. But if you don’t want to take challenges then you are a goner. As a marketing specialist involved in healthcare, we have the digital, conventional and referral-based marketing plans, which your practice require to flourish. And for over 20 years, we’ve helped surgeons to reach the zenith of their markets with proven, data-oriented methodologies.

A well thought out marketing strategy can be quite handy

Like in any other cases, referrals are at the heart of all successful orthopaedic marketing plans. We have a training specialist who has a wide experience in teaching physician liaisons to convey the utility of your practice to local referral sources. And in case there is no physician liaison, we can aid you in hiring one and review his or her performance. However, orthopaedic surgery is poles apart from many other specialties. Patients, more often than not, come to know when their condition is musculoskeletal. With insurance at disposal, many will opt for orthopaedic care directly. A carefully crafted external marketing strategy will make you a surgeon who has the trust of patients.

Highlight unique features to script marketing success.

Whether you concentrate on joint replacements or you are a spine specialist. Do you really care about your happy demeanour? All these facets can easily enhance your brand, provided you present them in a unique style with other details. This is where our creative team will come into equation and spread your brand to prospective patients through an effective marketing channel. This will lead to brand recognition. And when somebody requires orthopaedic treatment your brand will instantly ring a bell in his or her mind.

We will deliver patients at your doorsteps and train your employees to be the perfect host.

Suppose your phone rings and you are not there to answer, then it’s your staff members who are going to deal with the caller. All marketing efforts will fail if your employee doesn’t communicate well with patients. There are many factors which determine the success of patient-staff interactions. Such as:

  • Exchange warm greetings
  • Discuss in detail the concerns or issues of a patient
  • Sincere and cheerful outlook
  • Scheduling should have clarity and be flexible
  • Timely follow-ups

These are some things to be factored in while dealing with the patents. We have a trainer who excels in conveying appropriate messages. And she’s is very unconventional as she has the ability to transform your employees into an expert on dealing with any kind of patients. She can really streamline your administration process.

Experience and diligence are important to successfully execute marketing strategy in orthopaedic services. We help you with both the qualities.

The marketing over here depends on a coordinated plan to manage past and present referral sources. Even the manner of communication is also of paramount significance as it helps build relationships and woo new patients directly. We can devise a marketing plan that includes:

  • SEO-friendly and customised website to appropriately deal with patient responses
  • Brochure enlisting promotional strategy
  • Cost per click online advertising model (Google AdWords)
  • Radio ads
  • TV ads
  • Print ads

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