Mobile Application Development

Go Mobile? We design cutting-edge mobile solutions for business, social networking, communication, and entertainment.

  • We specialize in mobile clients to web portals and web services.
  • We develop self-directed mobile applications
  • We develops end-to-end mobility solutions

Our technology capability covers iOS, Windows Phone Android, and Blackberry. We are expert in Mobile Web with a precise focus on HTML5 solutions.

Mobile App + Web Service in Back End

Rising Functionality and Data to Mobile Devices

Donmind helps businesses establish mobile access to functionality and data provided by their back-end software. We deliver built-in mobile applications seamlessly linked to an online service and informational online resource or corporate business application.

Our mobile experience permits completing the objectives in a range of domains working with various data / content types and their combinations:

  • Business data
  • Media content
  • Financial data
  • Geographical positioning data
  • Data obtained from hardware devices

Mobile Development


We generally outline two major business models related to a mobile client-service solution. The difference is made depending on what is in the centre from the user’s viewpoint.

Spreading User Experience and Service Access by Providing Mobile Client

Iflexion Mobile Development

Mostly, a mobile client is the extension of an existing proven online service or a corporate business application. It is expected at adding value by improving user experience and available options. The objectives are clear ― to create a competitive benefit for an e business web application or increase field operations’ effectiveness for an organisation mobility solution.

To be successful in this model the developer has to be very swift in understanding business priorities and logic from the technology perspective and should be experienced in application integration and data interchange.

Building End-to-end Solutions Aligned Around Mobile Functionality

Iflexion Mobile Development

Speeding mobile technologies offer new opportunities and inspire innovation. As opposed to the other model, here the main business opportunity delivered by the mobile solution itself. A web service operating in the background is almost invisible to the user.

This truly means that the idea of a mobile app comes first but the execution requires efforts not just to develop the mobile app but somewhat to design a seamless end-to-end result that would include custom web service development, third-party software integration and innovative engineering.

We support both of the defined models. Our familiarity in mobile development is accompanied with solid skills in web application development and application integration, and wide business expertise.

Online Services

Donmind creates native mobile applications effortlessly integrated with web services or informational online resources. Our knowledge covers:

  • E-commerce
  • Social Media
  • Media Content Distribution
  • Financial Services
  • Online Games and Gambling

Innovative Mobile-centric Solutions

Donmind helps both established businesses and determined start-ups uncover the benefits of new mobile user experience.

  • Social Commerce
  • Augmented Reality
  • Advanced Graphics Processing
  • Location-based Apps
  • Cloud Computing in Back-end

Corporate Business Applications

Donmind designs creativity mobility solutions supporting corporate software: Accounting, Business Intelligence, CRM, ECM, Inventory Management etc.

  • Electronic Forms and Catalogs
  • Barcodes processing & RFID support
  • Data Visualization
  • Task Management
  • Digital Assets Management

From Proof of Concept to Live Software

Donmind’s full round services acquire real significance when speaking about an innovative project. We offer a smart method from the very early phases to moderate risks and boost the development process.

  • Strategic Technology Consulting
  • Consistent Architecture Design
  • In-depth Mobile App Prototyping
  • Prototype Usability Testing